Emailing patterns

I have a good buddy from Japan. Her name is Miyako Hanai.
I have to admit, I am not good at responding emails from my friends soon enough. Sorry about that. Everyone has a different pattern when it comes to responding emails. There are those that respond five seconds after sending the message, those who never replay, and the people in between. In this matter Miyako is particular. She only emails when she is drunk.
Here and excerpt:

From: hanai miyako
Subject: RE: It's Yuju.

I'm fuckin goooood!!
Sorry. Kinda exciting.

Then, Yuju is in Austrailia. Sounds nice.
Lalo might go to the U.S. Coool.
Where shoud I go???
My destination is.... my boyfriend?
I don't get marry yet. Sorry about it.
He is still nice to me and sometime annoying.
I still look for my nice guy, maybe forever and ever...

How about yoon?
Are you fine?

So, let's talk about our next meeting!!!
In the US or Australia or Europe?????
I miss you guys very much.

Have a nice dream.


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